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    National Conference (B.Ed.)10th June 2017

About Department

'The future of the world is in my classroom today'

Ivan Welton Fitzwater

LLDIMS started B. Ed. Course with the aim of providing high and supporting school education as a feeder. Since it's establishment our department is sincerely focusing on creating competent teachers and empowering them to realize their potential and to serve the mankind. With a notion to produce teachers for global citizens, the student teachers are exposed to various activities, catering to their cognitive, affective, conative and psycho-social development.

The B.Ed. programme is recognized by NCTE. It. is a two years program that is designed by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University-the affiliating University. In B. Ed. Course LLDIMS has an intake of 100 students. All the admissions are done on the basis of candidates' merits in combined Entrance test held by GGSIP University.

HOD's Desk

It is a great privilege to serve as Dean and HOD of LLDIMS, School of Education and to welcome you to an institute whose vision is excellence in training programmes as we pursue academic excellence in a strong pastoral framework.

The faculty is the backbone of our Institute I, personally believe that value based learning has far greater relevance in a dynamic work environment. We ensure that our students share a special relationship with the institution. We offer faculty guidance and a very caring and nurturing environment

Since education is a tripolar process, involving teacher, pupil and learning environment. We therefore welcome all the visitors and extend a warm invitation to you to see it and believe it.

Dr. Mala Dixit

HOD - B.Ed


To be a school committed to develop globally competent teachers in the field of Education who contribute in creating responsible citizens, for developing healthy society and constructing ideal nation.


  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted teachers can emerge who have deep respect for human life and values.
  • To supplement the curricula with teamwork, leadership, persuasive, oral and written skills, project management, financial aspects, social concerns and ethics.
  • To impart knowledge and skills and to mould attitude required for careers in education.
  • To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long term interaction with academia and various statutory bodies.
  • To prepare students who are capable to take up their future educational and career potentialities.
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    The Art and Craft Resource Centre is well equipped with multiple resources like Computer Systems with speaker, CD Player, Film CDs, Paintings, Portraits, Posters, Clay Modelling, Photography and other stationeries.


    The Lab is divided into two major segments entitled as Curriculum Lab 1 and Curriculum Lab 2

    Curriculum Lab 1

    The Labis enriched with resources related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology based apparatuses and glass wares along with students’ developed teaching learning material, Charts Models etc.

    Curriculum Lab 2

    The Lab is enriched with resources related to Language, Maths and Social Sciences based equipments, teaching aids and students’ made charts, models, and other related aids etc.

    ICT Resource Centre

    The LLDIMS has well equipped lab with 100 computers. Media computer lab is equipped with latest software. The demonstration of Lab Classes of B.Ed. presented by using LCD T.V. and Plasma. ICT Lab is one of the major focal labs of the institute. ICT, Computer Lab and ET facilities have been integrated in the institute where learners are not only encouraged to acquire basic ICT skills but also motivated to use the same extensively during the B.Ed. programme. The LLDIMS using Wi-Fi Campus with 10mbps unlimited bandwidth

    Health and Physical Education Resource Centre

    The Health and Physical Education resource centre is equipped with various indoor and outdoor games equipments such as multiple Gym, Table Tennis, Carom, Badminton, Chess, Cricket Kit, Volley Ball, Football.

    Music Resource Centre

    The music resource centre is well equipped with western and indigenous instatements such as harmonium, Tabla, Manjira, Drum, Guitar, Bass Guitar etc.

    Educational Technology Lab

    The Institute has well equipped Technology lab with slide projector, overhead projector, LCD, Television, DVD Player, Self-instructional Programmed learning materials, Computers, Demonstration multimedia lessons, models, charts, maps, transparencies, slides, white board, etc. of standard quality. Technology lab is being utilized by all the faculty & B.Ed. Students. The students are acquainted with knowledge, uses, working and operation of various technology & aids. The students have to prepare transparencies, PowerPoint presentations, charts, models in their teaching subjects. Teachers make use of various aids for the teaching purpose & giving demonstration lessons to make the learning of various topics interesting and effective.

    Psychology Lab

    LLDIMS has well equipped Psychology Lab.In Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences the aspiring teachers are well trained in studying all aspects of behavioral, developmental and cognitive processes, and employs a broad spectrum of approaches, from the social to the biological, to understand them. They are also familiarized with various Test (Personality, Intelligence, Creativity, Aptitude & Attitude etc.)and equipments along with the process ofpredicting the result on the basis of findings.

    A Workshop on Yoga on 19/09/2017

    Guest Lecture on 15/09/2017

    Academic Calendar

    Date Activities
    09/01/2017 Orientation of Syllabus-Core Papers (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    10/01/2017 Orientation of Syllabus- Pedagogy of School Subject- (2), Optional Course and Practical (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    11/01/2017 Excursion to Book Fair (Semester-II)
    12/01/2017 Guest Lecture on account of National Youth Day (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    30/01/2017 - 11/02/2017 PSE-II (Preliminary School Engagement) Semester-II
    01/02/2017 to 03/02/2017 Visit to Inclusive School (Amar Jyoti School, Karkardooma, Vikas Marg, Delhi, 110092 (Semester-IV)
    01/02/2017 to 03/02/2017 Visit to Slum Inhabitants (Environment Education)(Semester-IV)
    11/02/2017 Excursion to Suraj Kund Mela (Semester-II)
    16/02/2017 One Day Seminar entitled-"Exploration of ICT Resources for Teaching – Learning Resources" Resource Persons are Prof.(Dr). D.R. Goel and Dr. Aerum Khan from NCERT (Semester-II)
    17/02/2017 Classical Dance Performance by Ms.Manila Shukla (Semster-II) Venue: Auditorium
    17/02/2017 Screening of Movie "Bawander" (Semester-IV) Venue: Seminar Hall
    22/02/2017 Screening of Movie "India's Daughter" (Semester-IV) Venue: Seminar Hall
    23/02/2017 Screening of Movie "Water" (Semester-IV) Venue: Seminar Hall
    25/02/2017 and 28/02/2017 Workshop on English Language Proficiency (TOEFL) by Educational Testing Service (ETS) by (Semester-III) Second Phase
    06/03/2017 Talk on Career Guidance by the School Counsellor Ms.Priyam Sharma
    07/03/2017 Screening of Movie "Had-Anhad" (Semester-IV) Venue: Seminar Hall
    08/03/2017 Screening of Movie "Where Knowledge Is Free" (Semester-IV) Venue: Seminar Hall
    17/03/2017 One Day Conference on Human Rights Awareness
    20/03/2017 to 24/03/2017 Class Test Semester-II and Semester-IV
    30/03/2017 (Morning Session and Evening Session) Workshop on CV writing (Semester-IV)
    31/03/2017 Guest Lecture on "Needs and Strategies of Guidance and Counselling"- Carrier Talk (Semester-IV)
    05/04/2017 Cultural Fair on Glimpses of India' (Semester-II)
    06/04/2017 Workshop on Placement - CTET, Semester-IV
    10/04/2017 Quiz Organized by 'Rights Awareness Development Organization' (RADO), Delhi Semester-IV
    10/04/2017 to 12/04/2017 Mock Viva (Internal) (Semester-II )
    13/04/2017 Sports Meet-2017 (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    18/04/2017 to 19/04/2017 Mock Viva (Internal) (Semester-IV )
    10/06/2017 One Day National Conference 2017 on 'Changing Classrooms Challenges For Teachers & Teacher Educators

    Sports & other Co-Curricular Activities

    Date Activities
    13/01/2017 Lohri Celebration (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    21/01/2017 to 26/01/2017 Trip to Goa (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    25/01/2017 Republic Day Celebration (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    09/02/2017 to 11/02/2017 Anugoonj "2017" (Final)
    30/01/2017 to 01/02/2017 Anugoonj "2017" (Prelims)
    03/03/2017 to 04/03/2017 ZEAL 2017- 'College Annual Fest'
    10/03/2017 (Afternoon 01:00 P.M. Onwards) Holi Celebration (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    29/03/2017 (Morning Session and Evening Session) Workshop on CV Writing
    13/04/2017 Sports Meet-2017 (Semester-II and Semester-IV)
    05/04/2017 to 06/04/2017 Mock Interview